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Body - Apple Symbols - Regular. Decreasing size from heading to subheading to show decreasing hierarchy. I love what I do. I love music forever. Music is life. I am Lyrxz. I will be successful.

Love is in the air. Christmas is near. Graduation 2018 in Florida. Team Fullsail. What a journey and experience. Lyrxz is lit.

I strive to make music that touches the soul and have meanning. I want to soon specialize in songwriting. I want to become the next Beyonce. New year and a new me.

There is no other company like Lyrxz Lyrics. I can never be too scared to succeed. I can never be to high up to be scared of failure. Failure is not an option. I have Harvard graduates working for me. Jayz is my idol and he is my inspiration.

I will be partnering with Disny as an official songwriter for their televison shows. I will be set for life. Working for Disney and writing for Beyonce someday is my goals. I love FullSail University.

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